Veronicastrin virginicum (Culvers Root) including cultivars such as 'fascination', 'adoration' as well as species such as Veronicastrum sibiricum are useful border plants. Reaching to 6ft with tall flower spikes during summer and autumn the tall pink flowers are a bonus for the rear of the garden border.

Veronicastrum Care

A humus rich moist but well drained soil is best. When planting dig in some well rotted compost and aged animal manure a few weeks before. Plant early in spring and water in well with some liquid seaweed fertiliser.

Mulch well in spring to help retain a cool root run. Pruning is generally restocked to cutting back spent flower heads. Plants can be pruned right back in autumn, or left until late winter

Propagation is from seed, or by division of larger clumps in spring.

Veronicastrum is available for sale from the following nurseries

THE PLANTSMAN'S PREFERENCE - phone +44 (0) 7799 855559
Church Road, South Lopham, near Diss Norfolk NO POST PLEASE
Open Friday - Sunday, 9.30-5.00 March to October inc.
National Plant Collection¨∆ of Molinia hardy geranium, ornamental grasses, carex, festuca, elymus, molinia, miscanthus, panicum, pennisetum, stipa, rare plant, unusual perennials, perennial, woodland plants, shade plant, iris, achillea, polygonatum, asarum, anemone,¨? disporum, disporopsis, cardamine, vinca, salvia, ophiopogon,¨? epimedium, rushes, sedges, liriope.

HARPTREE NURSERY- phone: 01761 221370
Bristol Rd West Harptree Somerset BS40 6HG
Family nursery supplying hardy herbaceous stock, grasses and shrubs, plant sourcing service, garden design service
Includes: Veronicastrum


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