Vegetable Seeds and Plugs

For home gardeners it has never been easier to find vegetable seeds and plug plants , and for allotment growers the advent of online sales has made it much easier.

Many gardeners will toss up between varieties, some will have their favourites, some prefer F1 hybrid seeds with a belief that they are 'easier' however in most cases this is simply not true. In fact many open pollinated varieties just as hardy, easy to germinate and may also taste better than hybrids.

Seed and Plug prices are a bit of a mystery, not that they keep going up thats just what happens, but why have the F1 types become more costly that open pollinated. More costly to produce ? Or just needing to cover the cost of expensive advertising ?

So when looking for seeds and plugs choose whatever you like F1, Open Pollinated, Non GMO or Heritage or Heirloom.

However be a little wary of the following.

And as for cheap seeds and plug plants, you can get them at the end of the season, the leftovers when its almost to late to plant them, be wary. Of course you could always save your own seed, that is cheap !

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