Sedum Plants

If you though that sedum's were all the same, then think again. The variety of foliage, flowers and growth habit in this useful group of garden plants is as broad as any.

From the low growing Sedum rurotintum pictured top right, to the tall Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy', sedums have a lot to offer, both for the garden and for growing in containers.

Sedum Plants for sale in the UK include varieties such as Sedum Autumn Joy -pictured below right) and other cultivars (the stonecrops) and are an easy to grow, easy care, drought tolerant plant well suited to sunny garden borders. Sedum plants are now being used as 'roof plants' for those wishing to create a green or living roof.

These drought tolerant hardy plants grow well in pots or containers, require little water and are generally very low maintenance.

Sedum varieties

Sedum spectabile and cultivars are attractive to birds and butterflies and is often referred to as the 'Ice Plant'.

Look for cultivars such as Sedum 'Coca Cola', Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy', Sedum spectabile 'Frosty Morn' and Sedum 'Garnet Brocade'.

Sedum Autumn JoySedum varieties vary greatly in form and appearance, form taller growing species and cultivars to low growing mound forming plants.

And with such a wide variety of sedum plants, species as well as many hybrids for sale , you can just about find one for any situation or indeed colour scheme.

They range from low growing matt forming plants to large feature plants, and in terms of colour from pale grey to almost white, through the greens and reds to purple.

Sedum Care

Sedums make wonderful container plants, and are even more wonderful if you are a little on the lax side with your attention to care of plants. In general these are a low care plant.

And they are not only suited for growing in containers, try them in the garden in a well drained position, or maybe get really extravagant and use them in a green roof installation, or perhaps as a living wall.

Sedum plants are available for sale from the following nurseries and growers

TOUCHWOOD PLANTS - Carrie Thomas tel 01792 522443
Postal Address 4 Clyne Valley Cottages, Killay, Swansea, SA2 7DU
Unusual, rare and cottage garden plants. Extensive seed lists, also plants for sale.

Phone +44 (0) 7799 855559 or +44 (0) 7733 074141

Flymoor Lane Rocklands Attleborough Norfolk NR 17 1BP - Tel: 01953 488 163
Offering a wi de range of herbaceous perennials, ornamental trees,Č? shrubs and old roses

Northgate, Pinchbeck Spalding Lincolnshire PE11 3TB - Tel: 01775 640935
Mail order and wholesale growers of alpines/rockery plants and ornamental grasses.

Waterloo Farm, Clayhidon, Devon. EX15 3TN - Tel: 01823 680698
Includes: Sedum ?─˛Coca Cola?─˘, Sedum spectabile ?─˛Autumn Joy?─˘, Sedum ?─˛Frosty Morn?─˘, Sedum ?─˛Garnet Brocade?─˘ .

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