Euphorbia obesa

Euphorbia obesa


Another fascinating Euphorbia species, Euphorbia obesa is another from the Cape Province. Looking a little like a green baseball, small, round and the ribs look a little like stitching. Ii will flower with a circle of tiny green to yellow flowers appearing on the top.

Usually grown in a container as a single specimen, however over time Euphorbia obesa will form a little colony as it makes its offsets. Plants are either male or female, and the 'flowers' on top do differ, this is a species that will also 'change sex', so watch them carefully to witness this remakable transformation.

Older specimens can reach a height of .5m, however it is the neat little ball that seems to be popular in cultivation. The offsets can be removed for propagation or can be left. When these plants do set seed they commence an interesting reproductive cycle. As the seeds ripen the seed pods 'explode' and scatter the seeds over 2 - 3 m.



In the UK Euphorbia obesa is grown indoors, although it can handle light frosts, it is doubtful that it woulod survive outdoors in cold wet winters. As with other species Euphorbia obesa requires very little care and almost, no water.

Good light is essential, watering in summer is occasioanal, certainly wait for the soil to dry before watering at all. In winter the plant should recieve cooler temperatures and watering should be minimal to non at all unless the plant is in a very warm dry environment.

Again, try to mimic the natural environment, do not suddenly move the plant into hot sun, let it acclimatise slowly. In nature they are a plant that usually grows in dappled shade.