Euphorbia flanaganii

Euphorbia flanaganii


The Medusas Head, Euphorbia flanaganii is one of the most fascinating species. Long tentacles reach out from the body of the plant, and over time the body itself will form a woody caudex, so the 'tentacles' will actaully be waving around in the air, reaching slightly upwards.

These tentacles will grow and die over time, repalced with new and longer ones as the plant matures. It does have a habit of curling up these tentacles when the soil becomes to dry, so watch for this.

Older specimens can reach a height of .5m, however it is the neat little ball that seems to be popular in cultivation. The offsets can be removed for propagation or can be left. When these plants do set seed they commence an interesting reproductive cycle. As the seeds ripen the seed pods 'explode' and scatter the seeds over 2 - 3 m.



Euphorbia flanaganii is grown indoors in the UK, and requires good filtered light for most of the day to perform well. Like most Euphorbia species, the sap in the plant is toxic and an irritant, so handle with care.

In nature they are a plant that usually grows in full sun to dappled shade.