euphorbia milii var splendens Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia milii

A Euphorbia species from Madagascar, Euphorbia milii is also known as the Crown of Thorns, and also as the Christ Plant. Evergreen with mid green foliage, the flowers are red

Although this is a frost tolerant species it is usually grown as an indoor plant in the UK. Over time the plant can reach around 2m in height, growth is topped with spines, hence the name 'Crown of Thorns'.

Generally only grown in Greenhouses or as indoor plants in the UK, be careful with water, Euphorbia milii will take a little more moisture than some other species, as it does come from a sub tropical climate, however, over watering can be a problem.


In the UK Euphorbia milii requires a good sunny position and a well drained soil. They do need a dry winter, so this limits outdoor growing in the UK unless you have good shelter.