Asphodeline lutea or 'Kings Spear'

An excellent plant for adding a little height to the garden border are the Aspodeline family. Hardy perennials reaching up to 1.5m depending on species, with the wonderful yellow flower spikes rising well above the deep green foliage, excellent in a cottage garden.

Aspodeline Species and Varieties

Asphodeline lutea or 'Kings Spear' with its grass like foliage is widely known and along with the slightly lower growing.

Asphodeline liburnica 'Jacobs Rod' are originally from the Mediterranean, both sun loving plants with golden yellow flowers on tall spikes during summer. Also look for Asphodeline taurica.

Aspodeline Care

Preferring full sun and a well drained soil, Asphodeline do like a little protection from frosts, so mulch well in autumn. The the problem is snails and slugs in spring destroying the new shoots, so with out here as well.
Plants can be pruned back to deadhead them if you like, we tend to leave the spent seed heads for as long as possible, we think they look great in the autumn.

Propagation is from seed sown directly in early spring as soon as the soil warms up. However we prefer to us a cold frame and sow a little earlier, use biodegradable pots and sow the whole pot as soon as the plants are large enough.

Division of larger clumps in early spring or after flowering, but before it gets to cold is also recommended.

John Allman

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