Zigadenus Plants and Species

Zigadenus are a group of perennial plants from California and surrounding areas recently reclassified as Anticlea. Zigadenus (Anticlea) elegans and glaberrimus are perhaps the best known. Not widely grown in the UK these are one for the collector or enthusiast.

These are a bulbous plant that has grass like foliage with the star shaped flowers held above in late spring to summer. Each stem can form around 9 starry flowers. Flowers range from white throught to pale green. Naturally found growing in rocky outcrops.

Zigadenus Care

Plants will reach only around .5m in height and require a sunny well drained soil. An interesting addition to the rock garden or to the front of a sunny border.

Also known as Deathcamases or Star Lilies the plant is poisonous, hence the name.

Zigadenus are available for sale from the following nurseries

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We are a small nursery on the North Wales coast, which specialised in introducing new plants into cultivation, from seeds collected on our world-wide expeditions. Which include shade plants, climbers, species Hydrangea, Araliaceae, rare trees & shrubs, Convallariaceae, herbaceous & bulbous.
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