Zephyranthes - The Rain Lilies

Zephyranthes candida bulbs in flowerThe wonderful Zephyranthes are autumn flowering and we commonly call them Rain Lilies. Zephyranthes are easy to grow and will flower as soon as the rain starts in late summer to autumn.

Most as deciduous and happily hide themselves away over winter, however they do need good drainage, and sun through summer and autumn as well.

In the garden they will naturalize themselves given good conditions.

Depending on variety and the size of the bulbs, they are for sale online from £5 for 50 bulbs or £5 fo 5

Flowers colors range from the white of Zephyranthes candida, through to the yellow flowing Zephyranthes sulphurea (syn citrina) and the deep pinks Zephyranthes rosea, grandiflora and robusta.

Zephyranthes Care

In the UK Zephyranthes bulbs are best grown in containers especially in the cooler areas as the cold winters and possible freezes can cause problems. They also need good drainage in winter, so take care.

We grow the white flowering Zephyranthes candida in a container where they are easy care, and we have a few transplanted into the rock garden where they seem to be happy. We do like the fact that foliage is relatively small and does not overwhelm.

The flowers point upwards to the sun and are open and we think rather delicate. As for the foliage of these bulbs being evergreen, it will depend on the climate and the species.


Zephyranthes Varieties

Planting Zephyranthes.

Plant Zephyranthes bulbs in large clumps near the front of the border or in a rock garden, try them in a pot or trough where they can be moved into a prominent position as soon as they flower. Full sun is essential

Zephyranthes bulbs are available for sale from the following nurseries

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