Ficus Pumila - The Creeping Fig

Ficus Pumila - Creeping FigUsed widely as a tough ground cover or climbing plant and originally from Asia, Ficus Pumila (picture right) is an evergreen plant that is self clinging and with nice dark green foliage does well in full sun in a humus rich well drained soil.

It is a vigorous plant, so itneed to planted in the right position, however in the correct position its benefits will outweight its problems.

Often grow indoors it is indeed excellent as a house plant with the plant being able to clink to any surface that has some texture and some moisture.

Also known as the 'Creeping Rubber Plant', this is a frost tender plant and will get knocked back with a good frost. The leaves will fall away in frost, however the vine itself remains. In spring it tends to bounce back well.

One of the issues is the way it climbs, ariel roots that find their way into cracks in brickwork, fences and any other structure. We suggest it is not a plant to grow on your house, or indeed any structure that you really care about.


Easily propagated by cuttings Ficus Pumila or Creeping fig grows well in containers where it can be left to cascade over the edges, as well as in a frost free position in the garden.

Growth rate is regarded as 'fast' , so a little pruning will be required to keep it under control when planted in a position where it has room to move.