Colocasia esculentaColocasia

Colocasia is a small genus but a big plant. Colocasia esculenta for example has leaves over 1m long.

Colocassia illustrus with its near black leaves and pale green veins and Colocassia antiquorum with its mottled foliage are all standout foliage plants. Colocasia need to be over wintered indoors or in a conservatory.

The most common form is the green foliaged Colocasia esculenta, the common 'Taro plant' used widely as a food crop in warmer climates.

They grow from a rhizome which will sprout given appropriate warmth and moisture. In the UK they will go dormant unless in a heated greenhouse.

Grown for the exotic or tropical looking foliage colocasis can be grown in containers and this can make overwintering a little easier.


Lots of warmth, water and fertilizer. Protect from frosts.

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