Colchicum speciosum 'album'Colchicum speciosum 'album'

A wonderful autumn flowering bulb Colchicum speciosum 'album' with its large 'snow white' flowers comes into its own in late summer to autumn when the goblet shaped flowers with yellow stamens put on a great display. Also known as 'meadow saffron'.

Awarded the 'Garden Merit' by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Grown in the garden in a clump, or perhaps 'shown off' in a container where the flowers are raised a little. If you were lucky enough to have a lot of them, you could even naturalise them into the lawn. However they are not the cheapest bulbs for sale at present.

Although they are large and will reach nearly 20cm in height it is still best to plant them in a nice open position.

Colchicum speciosum 'album' Care

Full sun to light shade, some protection from the hot afternoon sun and a humus rich well drained soil. we suggest digging in some well rotted compost before planting. Drainage does need to be good, consider raising the garden bed if this is an issue.

Consider surrounding with grit to prevent petal damage and slugs from feasting. Plant fairly deeply at around 10cm for good sized bulbs.

Remember that these bulbs are dormant during spring and summer so do not water during this period. A little liquid seaweed fertiliser after flowering seems to be adequate.

They will form a clump over time and can be divided every 4-5 years. This helps prevent overcrowding as well as allowing the growing soil to be replenished. In between top up with a little well rotted compost whilst dormant.

Propagation from seed is possible, however a little slow with up to 5 years to flowering.

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