Christmas Trees, potted or real living Christmas Trees are very popular alternatives to trees that are from Christmas Tree Farms or artificial christmas trees. Types of potted or living Christmas trees vary with the Nordman Fir being a popular Non Drop variety.

Christmas Trees - Potted and Living Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees are erected at different times according to different traditions.

Traditionally Catholics did not put up their and decorate their Christmas trees until after midday on Christmas eve.

Many people wait until the beginning Advent, 1st of December to erect christmas trees. With some waiting until Christmas eve to put the final star, or favorite decorations, on top and turn on Christmas tree lights.

Types of Christmas Trees

Artificial christmas tree includes

Real christmas tree (cut christmas trees)

Potted christmas trees

Increasingly popular, potted Christmas trees can be kept for many years, they spend Christmas indoors with decorations, and the rest of the year in the garden, or on a patio as a specimen plant.

As they are selected for the slow growing nature, and are kept small by restricted root growth a potted tree can last for a long time begore it outgrows its indoor purpose.

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