Cheal's Weeping Cherry

Without doubt one of the most well known and popular small weeping cherry trees, Cheal's Weeping Cherry with its graceful habit is one of the best for the UK garden.

Fantastic deep pink flowers and a beautiful weapon habit make Prunus Kiku-shidare-zakura' or Cheal's Weeping Cherry (kiku shidare sakura) a great specimen or ornamental tree for gardens across the UK.

The flowers appear in large clusters, a wonderful mid pink contrasting with the new lime green foliage. And just to add to the appeal, Cheal's Weeping Cherry also has greeat autumn color. It is also a compact grower, so smaller gardens are also catered for.

It doe not require cross pollination and if you could only choose one flowering cherry, this one would be high on the list. Excellent planted as a specimen tree in a lawn, as a feature in a Japanese style garden or nest to a pond or garden stream.


Preferring full sun, the double pink flowers that cover the tree in late spring make a stunning display. This is not a large tree reaching around 4-5m with a similar spread.

Usually purchased as a bare rooted tree it is a good idead to soak the roots in a diluted seaweed fertilizer for 3 - 4 hours before planting.

Maintenance and care are minimal, remove any dead or diseased wood in summer and that's about it.

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