Japanese Garden Design

japanese water bowl with bamboo water spoutlTraditional Japanese Garden Design is based on some simple basic ideas and principles, however to master the art of this form of garden design many elements need to be considered. We provide a guide to the basic elements of designing a Japanese style garden.

You need to consider the individual elements and ornaments within the garden itself as well as the broader garden design.

A simple japanese water bowl with bamboo water spout (picture right) can add instant appeal without great cost.

Japanese Garden Design Terms

japanese water bowlVery popular in the UK, we are increasingly familiar with some of the names and styles but what is Japanese gardening all about, terms such as himorogi or 'divine screen' are used, but what do these mean?

Japanese Garden Design Design Styles

So Japanese gardens are about the shapes you find in nature, no rectangular ponds in a Japanese Garden.

mondo grass and rock from a japanese gardenIf you are looking for an authentic Japanese Garden you would do well to consult a specialist landscape architect, however elements that create a Japanese feel to a garden can be added with careful planning.

Pictured right is a sea of mondo grass surrounding a rock, certainly not the traditional japanese style, but the feeling is evident.

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