Terracotta Pots

Terracotta PotUsed both as functional planters and decorative feature terracotta pots have been a favorite in the garden for 100s of years and are available to suit a wide range of plants.

Versatile with many sizes and styles for sale in a wide range of decorative patterns, including hand made and frost resistant pots terra cotta is a great material for plant pots.

With sizes and shapes of these plant pots ranging from large to small and many new shapes including square pots becoming available terracotta garden pots have a place in every garden. Specialist designs include strawberry planters and bonsai pots.

We give you a guide to buying pots and planters for the garden. If you are looking for large numbers of pots wholesale suppliers of terracotta pots may be able to assist

Terracotta Plant Pots are perhaps the most traditional of all pots for garden use.

Terracotta Pot Feet

John Allman 

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