Garden Ponds

Garden Pond Design With WaterfallPonds have long been a feature of gardens throughout the UK for many years and ideas for innovative designs will depend on the purpose of the pond as well as size and location within the garden.

Some are large and serve as a refuge for water birds, many are simply an ornamental design feature. We provide some ideas on how to go about building a simple garden pond including materials, construction, design and ideas on basic garden pond design.

Factors To Consider When Building A Garden Pond

Garden Pond AccessoriesGarden Pond Idea

You could look for fountains to add impact to you pond. Misting fountains are readlily available.
Other Accessiores include :

Building a Garden Pond

Make sure that when you first plan your idea for a garden pond that when build a pond you construct plant shelves as you go. Most water plants stay in pots placed on a pond shelf. A flat pond shelf deep enough for a medium to large pot to sit below water level is best.

Garden Pond liner should always be used, it is not a good idea to use black plastic. Rock, stone or paver to the waters edge add a great finnish. Pond pumps to circulate water are essential.

Garden Pond Design Cross Section
Simple Idea for a Basic Garden Pond Design Cross Section

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