Fragrant plants for the garden

With so many fragrant plants, it seems that most the perfumed species are associated with flowers, however many common garden plants have foliage that gives a nice fragrance as well. Some are even uses to make perfume, we look at some of the best, all of which you can grow in your own garden.

When designing a garden it is important to consider a range of plants that will provide fragrance at different times of the year. Placement of plants where the fragrance will be noticed is also important.

It needs to be remembered that not every plant in a genus are as fragrant as others, and some plants just don't smell that good at all. We have provided a general list, a little investigation into specific species is always recommended.

Fragrant flowers and plants for Spring

Fragrant flowers and plants for Summer.

Fragrant flowers and plants for Autumn.

Scented Foliage Plants

Plants with scented foliage carry some scent throughout the year however many are more fragrant during spring and summer, while some need to rubbed or brushed against to release the scent.

John Allman

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