Tropical Plants for the UK

With a little care and thought you can grow tropical plants in the UK. Some are easy tham others. Those that can be grown in containers and are either small or easy to prune to size are the easiest. And this include both flowering plants and fruit trees.

Others really do require a heated greenhouse to survive through winter as well as perform at their best in summer months.

A few specialist nurseries are offering a range of tropical and sub tropical plants suited to the UK. So be it with flowers, fruit or foliage, you can create a tropical paradise in your garden or on a patio, it may be small scale, power you can do it.

How to grow tropical plants to grow in the UK.

  1. The first is to treat them like annuals. Plant them in a warm protected position as soon as the weather warms up a little. You will still need to create a warm humid microclimate, however it can work with a number of plants.
  2. The second way is grow the plants in containers, inside during winter, shifted outdoors in warmer weather.
  3. Finally you can build or buy a greenhouse, certainly the best method of growing tropical plants in the UKs climate. However also the most expensive. As we develop new materials and technology, greenhouses are becoming cheaper, still, for many they are out of reach cost wise.

Growing Tropical Garden plants in the UK has become very popular in recent years. Plants with lush tropical foliage are available for sale and are particularly popular.

However it need to be remembered that plant collectors have been bringing tropical garden plants back to the UK from around the world for centuries, and yes many of these live in conservatories and would not survive in the home garden for even one season.

There are many plants for sale in the UK that will give that 'Tropical Garden' look to the English garden that can survive the cold climate given a little care.

Some plants to consider for a 'Tropical Look'

List of Tropical Plants for the UK Garden

Others plants worth a try for that tropical garden look include :

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