Trees for Autumn Color

Autumn color can be spectacular in the garden, gold's, reds, orange tones, soft yellows and bronzes. All of these colors suddenly appear when night temperatures begin to drop. Deciduous trees and shrubs are an important feature of many gardens. We present our TOP TEN TREES for Autumn color.
Ginkgo biloba.
One of our all time favorite trees. The Ginkgo or 'Maidenhair Tree" is fascinating throughout the year with its green fan shaped leaves being attractive, its pyramidical shape and layered branches looking great throughout the year. When autumn comes the leaves turn a buttery yellow/gold before they fall. They can grow to quite a size, so make sure you give them room to spread.

Top Ten trees for Autumn Colour

Pyrus ussuriensis
The Manchurian pear is a must, brilliant spring flowers, fantastic red to coral colored leaves in Autumn.

Acer palmatum
The Japanese Maples are another favorite. With a huge range to choose from, dwarf to full sized trees, and a variety of forms it is well worth looking for specialist Autumn tones vary from the brilliant red of Acer Palmatum Bloodgood though to to yellow tones of Acer Palmatum Dissectum Viridis. Although our favorite is Acer Palmatum Dissectum Seiryu, which is the only upright Dissectum (cutleaf) Japanese Maple. Hardy, vigorous and dainty light green foliage turning brilliant Autumn tones of red and orange.

Betula pendula
The Silver Birch is a favorite for the fantastic color and texture of its bark. The warm golden colors of its Autumn leaves are also a feature. Remember that Silver Birches also come with purple leaves, so variety is available. Look out for Betula utilus var. jacquemontii Silver Shadow, great Autumn color but with the whitest trunk of all the birches.

Amelanchier arborea
This will grow to approx 7m. Nice oval shaped leaves with apricot tones in Autumn. The white flowers in spring are short lived, but are very attractive. Fruits look great as well, reputed to be edible and taste a little like a blueberry. Also known as "Serviceberry"

Pistachia chinensis
Growing to approx 8m this one has great Autumn foliage, yellow through to brilliant red.

Nysaa sylvatica
The Tupelo is another with foliage varying from apricot to scarlet in Autumn. Growing to 6-8m depending on conditions, great color.

The Oaks, great majestic trees with foliage turning brilliant red. Remember that these will grow to a huge size, so they are not suitable for the smaller home garden.

The flowering dogwoods not only put on a show in spring, they have great Autumn foliage as well. Cornus X Eddies White Wonder not only has large white flower bracts in spring but also spectacular scarlet autumn colored leaves.

Disanthus Cercidifolia
Not a tree but a large deciduous shrub with nice heart shaped leaves. Great at the back or the border. Absolutely brilliant purple then scarlet autumn tones.

Euonymus Alatus
Another deciduous shrub, compact to medium size. Stems of the euonymus have interesting winged corky bark. Autumn colours are a most magnificent crimson-pink.

John Allman 

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