Solar Garden Lights

As we write this a solar garden light would be the last thing we would think about installing, a few weeks of gloom and rain would make you think that a solar powered light might be a little bit of a waste of money, no sun, no light. However, things are sure to brighten up so here are our thoughts on solar powered garden lighting.

Solar Garden Lights and Solar Garden Lighting are becoming more popular as garden lighting alternatives. They require no wiring and are therefore easy to install. Many Garden Centers now stock a range of solar garden lights and accessories, solar garden lights can also be purchased online. Look for reputable suppliers who are selling quality solar products.

Solar Garden Lights review

Solar garden lights and garden lighting are fast becoming a viable alternative as low level lighting for pathways and as lighting for garden features.
Solar garden lights work by collecting and storing energy during the day and switching on at set light levels. Some solar lights claim up to 8 hours lighting under ideal conditions, however in many cases the length of time solar garden lights will provide adequate lighting time can be less. Lack of sunshine, caused by cloudy days, trees etc can limit charging to below optimum.

It needs to be remembered that solar lights are just that and do require sunlight to power up.
Look for sturdy outdoor solar garden lights, remember that they will be subject to wind, rain and the occasional knock, some of the cheaper plastic lights are likely crack or break easily.

Solar garden lights have a limited area of solar cells to absorb sunlight and small batteries that may not be large enough to power the light for extended periods. Motion detection systems are available and these may increase operating time.

An alternative solar garden lighting system and more reliable method involves a larger solar collector that is connected to a large battery (car batteries are often used) solar lights are wired to this system.

Many of the newer solar garden lighting systems have improved cells and performance, they may cost more, however they will perform more satisfactorily than cheaper versions.

Other alternatives to solar garden lighting include low voltage garden lighting.

So when choosing solar lights consider the following

Some collecting panels are on the lights themselves, some can be located away from the lights in a sunnier position.

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