Worms for the Garden

One of the most efficient and complete composting methods is to use worms. Earthworms in the garden should be encouraged for the benefits they bring to soil conditioning, keeping earthworms healthy in the garden makes a great soil.

Worms in the garden are natures way of improving soil, however worm composting relies on the use of special worms to quickly and efficiently compost large amounts of material in a worm farm.

Worms are a natural composting system in the garden, we look at the facts and benefits of worms in the garden. As well as compost worms for the garden for sale in the UK

Composting worms

Usually Tigers ( Eisenia fetida), Red wrigglers( Eisenia andrei) and sometimes Dendras(dendrobaena veneta) are the varieties used for composting, they are smaller than the average garden worm, but have huge appetites and breed quickly. You can buy them by the Kilo, and a Kilo will get you around 2000 worms depending on size.

Benefits of worms in the garden

Earthworms have many benefits in the home garden, some well know and other a little less obvious but equally important. Worms in the garden are the signs of a healthy soil and healthy soil means a healthy garden and garden plants. Worms in the garden are beneficial because:

Worms are natural cultivators, they actually help turn over the soil. As well as eating and digesting humus and plant material worms actually eat a lot of soil with this as well. Worms loosen the soil and help aerate the soil. A loose and well aerated soil also helps promote root growth.

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