Wholesale Damson PlumTrees

Eat them fresh, cook them, dry them or use them to make gin, a Damson Plum Tree provides fruit with a multitude of uses. UK Nurseries specialising in wholesale and commercial quantities of Damson Plum trees for retail nurseries and commercial fruit growers.

Although they are self fertile for good pollination choose the right groups and plant appropriate cross pollinators. Dry weather is also required for good pollination.

Damsons do like wet conditions, however they require good drainage to prevent root problems.

Varieties that will fruit from early season to late season are available.

Damson Plum Tree Varieties include :

Wholesale Nurseries sell a number of varieties to orchardists, and garden centres.

Wholesale Damson PlumTrees are available for sale from the following nurseries

232 Wimborne Rd West Stapehill Wimborne Dorset BH21 2DY
phone: 01202 872 069
Includes: Cherry, Cherry, Cherry, Nectarine, Peach, Plum, Pear, Fig and others
Web: www.glenacresnursery.co.uk

TALATON PLANTS (incorporating Adam's Cherrys)
Egremont Barn Payhembury Honiton Devon EX14 3JA
phone: 01404 841166
Includes: Cherry trees, Plums and soft fruits.
Web: www.talatonplants.co.uk

20 Giller Drive Preston Lancashire PR1 9LT
phone: 07861183080
Includes: Cherry Trees (eating, cooking and cider Cherry trees)
Web: www.edenpointnurseries.co.uk

Deep Pool Lane, Station Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8AS
phone: 01276 857448
Includes: Cherry Trees, Cherrys, Cherries, Damson, Plums, Peaches and Pears.
Web: www.daydawn-nursery.co.uk

Lower Walcot Farm, Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton, Pershore,
Worcestershire. WR10 2AL.
phone: 01905 841587
Includes: Cherrys, Plums & Damsons, Pears, Quinces, Cherries, Crab Cherrys, Fruit Bushes
Web: www.walcotnursery.co.uk