Tess of the d'Urbervilles roseTess of The d'Urbervilles Rose

A rose that is much debated, Tess of The d'Urbervilles is a consistent performer, a David Austin roses perhaps seen as a little 'old fashioned', however this fragrant climber does have a number of strong points.

It seems with Tess of The d'Urbervilles we might have the best of the old mixed with the best of the new.

The confusion seems to be over the size, with it being sold as a shrub that will get to 1.2m and also a 'small climber' that will get to around 2-5m, so for the average gardener thats a lot of difference.

Price - Around £20 for a good plant

Lets look at a summary of the good points. Tess of The d'Urbervilles does have large 'bright crimson' flowers that are deeply cupped, that are consistent throughout the season, a generous flowerer.

Is Tess of The d'Urbervilles Climber or Shrub ?

Now the growth habit is debated, sometimes sold as a shrub and sometimes as a climber, we find it in the middle. With excellent soil and good sun we think it would be a climber, in poorer soils a tall shrub ' with a climbing inclination' and can be trained as a climber.

This is also a rose that seems to sit happily in a container, so for those with a courtyard, or sunny terrace this could be a solution.



John Allman 

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