Instant Hedge Plants

The concept of instant hedges is by no means a new one, for many years gardeners have been transplanting established and mature plants to create an immediate impact.
Today growers are presenting to the landscaper and the gardening public both field and container grown hedging plants that are much older than the general lines. They do the early growing, so you can have an instant hedge.

Growers are now presenting plants in 1m troughs, ready to plant as a unit, no individual planting and plants are pre spaced according to species and cultivar. However in terms of creating an instant hedge it is usually the height and spread of the individual plant hat needs to be taken into consideration.

With instant hedging ranging from 60cm in height up to 6m plus the installation aspect is important. Evergreen species need to be transported with good root systems intact and planted with care.

Early maintenance is important as root systems need re establish before the plants can be left to their own devices.

It is essential to establish that the supplier will have extra established plants available in case of failure, so look for reliable suppliers before purchasing instant hedges.

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As individual established plants that when replanted will quickly fill in to create an impact.

The second type are groups of plants grown as a hedge, pre knitted hedge grown and then relocated with complete root systems.



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