Fritillaria eduardii

Fritillaria eduardii

One of the larger growing species, Fritillaria eduardii are originally from Tajikistan.

Closely related to Fritillaria imperialis, this bulb is a must for collectors around the world.

Believed to be a natural hybrid of Fritillaria imperialis but flowering a few weeks earlier than f. imperialis, this bulb does not seem to have the same unpleasant smell as its relative.

Named varieties such as :

Fritillaria eduardii Commander and Fritillaria eduardii Kamasutra have slightly different forms.

Care and growing notes

Fritillaria eduardii will grow to nearly 1.5m high and is a sensational sight in any garden. Like most other species, f. eduardii requires a well drained position to avoid bulb rot, and can be successfully grown in a large container or pot.


Either from seed or by division of bulbs once established.

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