Nyssa sylvatica

A medium to large deciduous tree Nyssa sylvatica is commonly called the Black Tupelo. Native to North America this is an excellent ornamental tree with outstanding autumn colour. Green foliage from spring through summer turning a brilliant crimson / orange in autumn with 'Wisley Bonfire' being a popular variety.

Reaching around 12 - 15m in height depending on conditions Nyssa sylvatia grows well in full sun to part shade. A humus rich deep soil and protection from any hot winds are the main care requirements.

Landscaping Uses

With a naturally attractive shape, a slow growing habit, bark that is an added attraction and good autumn colour Nyssa sylvatica is widely used in larger gardens, parks and for street planting.

The foliage is good green from spring though summer, turning a strong yellow to crimson and makes this a tree with good seasonal interest.

Nyssa sylvatica varieties

Nyssa sylvatica Care

Propagation is from seed or by semi hardwood cuttings. Little pruning is required. A medium growth rate can be expected.

This is a tree that seems to resent transplanting, it does not like root disturbance, so look for container grown trees that are not overly large.

Poorly drained soils are tolerated, however overly wet or water logged sites are not suitable. A well drained soil with a high pH will give the best performance.

Look for cutting grown trees for reliable habit and autumn colour.

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