Nepeta plants are often called 'Catmint'. Varieties and species include : Nepeta cataria which is known as catnip or catmint and cats love it, a sort of aphrodisiac for cats.

Nepeta mussini is less attractive to cats and probably makes a better garden plant. The hybrid 'faassenii' is also known as 'Faasen's Catnip'. All species are excellent as cottage garden plants, the flowers attarct bees and birds, and yes Nepeta cataria is attractive to cats.

Nepeta Care

Growing well in full sun to part shade Nepeta (Catmint) is a hardy plant that requires little care once established. A humus rich well drained moist soil is best. Plants can be deadheaded after flowering, and pruned back to maintain shape as required. Not really taht fussy about soil conditions other than drainage.

Propagation is easiest by division of larger clumps.

Nepeta Varieties

Popular garden cultivars include the well known Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' a tall growing plant with nice blue flowers as well as racemosa 'Walker's Low' which will also reach 2-3 ft. Other varieties include N. hederacea or 'Ground Ivy', the damp loving N. subsessilis or 'Japanese Catmint' and Nepeta grandiflora or 'Giant Catmint'

Nepeta or 'Catmint' plants are readily available to buy online from mail order nurseries.

Nepeta plants are available for sale from the following nurseries

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