Conservatories and Greenhouses have been an important element of gardening in the UK for centuries. Greenhouses both free standing and lean to, or attached to the house, allow a range of plants to be grown earlier in the season, or completely out of season if required.

Greenhouses and glasshouses have been used by gardeners in the UK for 100s of years. They allow keen gardeners to grow a wide range of plants in a controlled atmosphere as well as allowing plants to be grown out of season and in a different climate to what they used to.

A small greenhouse is easy to install, relatively cheap, and simple to maintain and can help extend the growing season. In the UK a greenhouse can adds months to the growing season and allow gardeners to grow many plants that would otherwise not survive colder winter months.


These are the great display house that are either attached to a house or maybe free standing. Sort of like a sun room for plants. They provide warmth in winter and an extra boost of heat in summer that allows tropical and sub tropical plants to be grown indoors in the UK. Small conservatories are available and are a great addition to any home old or new.

Lean to Greenhouses

A more economic solution than a free standing greenhouse is the lean to greenhouse. These are designed to be attached to any solid wall and the lightweight aluminium and poly carbonate versions are probably the cheapest. However timber 'lean to' green houses are also available. Space saving and best located on a South Facing wall, the usual accessories are all available, including shelving and heating.

And yes you can have external doors, or internal doors on a lean to green house, the external doors are a part of the package, internal doors will require a builder. Consider having some form of shade protection for a lean to green house, in summer they can get fairly hot, ventilation is essential, the same as any greenhouse.

Aluminium Greenhouses

Very popular because of the lightweight nature of the material. Aluminium greenhouses provide a long lasting option for both home and commercial plant growers.

Looking For Plastic Greenhouses and Poly Tunnels?

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