Garden Sculpture.

For many years garden sculpture has been popular in gardens across the UK. Metal garden sculpture along with stone and timber sculpture have a place in even the smallest garden. We provide a guide as to where to buy garden sculpture, garden sculpture ideas for theUK.

Outdoor statues and garden sculpture all add interest to the garden. A well placed piece of sculpture, wall art or a fountain can be a focal point in the garden.

Ornamental HaresWiltshire based sculptor Julieann Worrall Hood has become known for her garden ornaments especially her lively willow and wire sculptures of hares.

Sketched in the fields around her home, the life sized hares are mounted on a steel pole which can be pushed directly into the ground or into a specially made steel stand. They look lovely leaping around on the lawn or in amongst flower beds and make unique garden ornaments.

Julieann also makes sculpture in laser cut and folded steel, like the painted Bitterns which can be seen at the Cotswold Water Park.

She is currently developing a new series of hares, swallows and dogs made using this technique on a small scale for gatepost finials and larger version for garden display, inspired by a commission from a descendent of a great British poet to make gateway crests for the family home.

A graduate of Edinburgh School of Art, examples of Julieann's work can be found all over the U.K, including the Victoria & Albert Museum. She works on an Hens as Garden Ornamentsannual project at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury where she has created huge herons, hares and pebble and glass mosaic stepping stones in the theatre gardens as well as designing her first full theatre production, River of Dreams, last year.

She has also created a series of seven mini wild flower meadows with her husband, garden designer Nick Hood, in the Watermill grounds which were made up of real wild flowers and sculptural versions on fibreglass rods with words from a medieval poem hand printed onto the multi coloured petals.

At this year's Chelsea Flower Show she was commissioned by Lady Carole Bamford of Daylesford Organic to design and make a quirky, kinetic willow scarecrow for the Summer Solstice show garden. Julieann will be exhibiting other scarecrow sculptures at Hampton Court and hopes that her garden ornaments and sculptu res will prove popular for family vegetable gardens!

Julieann works to commission. See more examples of her sculptures and mosaics on her website or contact her on 01672 851664


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