Gardening Books

Gardening Books and books on gardening such as Vegetable guides, the well known RHS Gardening series and organic gardening books can be a knowledge base or a source of inspiration for the garden and garden design.

Today many publications are tending to be specific, to genus or species, theme relates, such as bulbs some may be more general. Books on garden design are a great way to obtain ideas those on bulbs, roses and perennials are particularly popular as gifts.

Increasingly garden related CDs and DVD's are being produced.

Vegetable gardening books including some that relate to allotment gardening are some of the most popular gardening books. Look for specialist sections on

Some titles related to Vegetable Gardening to look for are:

Gardening Books are available for sale from the following stores

KAREN PLATT GARDEN BOOKS - phone: 0114 268 1700
35 Longfield Rd Sheffield South Yorkshire 2535
Karen Platt produces a range of garden titles suitable for gardeners around the world. Specialises on garden colour including black, seeds, plant names, travel.


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