How to make cut flowers last

Flowers for weddings, special occasions, birthdays, and funeral flowers can easily be purchased online for next day flower delivery. The big question is 'how do we make cut flowers last longer in the vase'?

Flowers can be sent by post or by courier for same day delivery in many cases. Fresh flowers are available in the UK all year round from major florists. Hand delivered bouquets are a popular gift and can generally be sent though one of the major florist networks both within the UK and overseas.

Flowers sent by post or delivered by courier will often come with instructions on how to make them last longer in a vase.

Tips to make flowers last longer

  1. Flower stalks should be cut cleanly, do not crush or damage the flower stalks.
  2. Remove foliage from the stalks of flowers that will be placed in the water.
  3. Cut flowers and fruit bowls should not be placed in close proximity, ripening fruit gives of a gas that shortens the life of cut flowers.
  4. Metal containers should not be used for cut flowers, especially if you are adding flower preservative to the water.
  5. Fresh flowers need fresh water, try to change the water in the vase every second day.
  6. Flower preservative is excellent to help prolong the life of cut flowers, florists often supply this with flowers.

Other tricks to help prolong flower life if you do not have access to flower preservative include :

These same tricks will work with flowers from your own garden, so with very little effort you prolong the life of cut flowers for many days.

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