Coco peat, or coir-peat.

Used widely as a substitute for peat Coco Peat is a renewable growing medium with excellent water retention characteristics and used as an alternative to traditional peat. Garden and Horticultural Coco Peat is available for sale in a number of forms including Bricks, Bales, Chips and Discs. Hydro Grow Bags and Compressed Coco Peat Bricks. Used widely in hydroponics, coco peat can be used to grow a wide range of vegetables including Strawberries, , Tomatoes, and, Orchids,

Coco Peat is a by product of the coconut industry and is used widely as a Natural Peat substitute in the horticultural, gardening and hydroponics industries. Nearly all Coco peat that is used in the UK is imported from suppliers in India and Sri Lanka in the form of compressed Bales, Bricks or Blocks.

Coco Peat is a biodegradable product that has excellent water retention qualities that make it a valuable additive to potting soils. Coco Peat chips and bricks have been used widely by orchid growers for many years, Coco Peat discs are now increasingly used by flower growers, and it also makes an excellent bedding material in commercial worm farms.

Coco Peat is used for :

Coco Peat vs Peat Moss

It is argued that peat moss is a renewable resource, and technically it probably is, however, not at the rate that is being used and the damage to the environment is a problem. Peat bogs take a long time to recover after being stripped.

Coco peat is a renewable resource, but it comes from a long way away, mostly India, so we have carbon miles, and the water used in production to consider. Coco peat takes longer to decompose, peat moss is more acidic and usually needs to have additives added to neutralise this. So pros and cons for both, and we have yet to see the definitive scientific study.

Coco peat suppliers in the UK include :

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