Garden Wind Chimes

The garden is actually a fairly logical place to hang wind chimes, the gentle sounds fit in well with the peace and tranquility of the garden. And wind chimes can be a decorative accessory in the garden as well.

Traditional bamboo wind chimes remain a favourite, the soft mellow sound of the bamboo is one of the most peaceful produced by any wind chime, and well suited to the outdoors.

However wind chimes are made in a wide range of materials including modern materials such as aluminium as well as brass and copper. We have seen some lovely glass and ceramic wind chimes, beautiful colours and designs, however we are not really sure about the durability of these materials in high winds, and we are not likely to remember to take them down according to the vagaries of the weather forecast.

Wind chimes are easily attached to tree branches, pergolas, garden arches or indeed just about any outdoor structure. My father in law found the best place for his Japanese style bamboo wind chimes is on a pergola just near a back verandah overlooking the garden, he decided to hang them in the centre of the pathway, at head height, those who new, walked around, the unaware gave the wind chimes a gentle nudge with their head on passing, yes they were wind chimes, but they were a door bell for the back door as well.

Japanese Wind Chimes - Furin

And yes the Furin wind chimes of Japan, which are actually 'wind bells'. The single tone of these wonderful wind chimes has a more 'peaceful' resonance than many multi toned modern wind chimes.

In Japan the Furin can be a garden bell, or a wind chime, traditional cast iron, brass and now glass wind chimes are very popular in Japan, hand blown and very beautiful.

And what is the role of the Furin in Japanese temples? The Furin was said to protect the temple, or house from evil spirits or to disperse 'negative energy', and maybe thats what my father in law had in mind when he placed those wind wind chimes in the middle of the path.

And if you are really keen on Japanese wind chimes how about a visit to the Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple in July they have an annual Wind Chime Market 'Furin-Ichi'. It's both a competition and a market that runs for 4-5 days. Literally 1000s of wind chimes.