How to plant Bulbs in Pots.

Planting Bulbs in pots has a number of advantages including the ability to move pots into a better position for display when bulbs are in flower. Nearly all flower bulbs can be grown successfully in pots or containers. Most garden pots are either Plastic or Terra cotta however the principles of planting bulbs in pots remains the same.

Miniature bulbs are a popular choice for pot culture, however tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and many south African Bulbs also grow well in pots or containers. It is important to choose a free draining potting mix and use proper drainage techniques when planting bulbs in pots.

Growing Bulbs in Pots and Containers

The problem with planting bulbs in pots is that pots can become waterlogged if not properly drained, this can cause bulbs to rot fairly quickly. It is essential to use crock in the bottom of the pot to promote good drainage, it is also important not to sit pots dirtily onto soil, drainage holes can easily become blocked and cause problems.

Many growers add extra grit to potting mixes to ensure drainage is maintained. The grit can also be added as a layer directly below the bulb itself.

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