Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grass such as miscanthus have been used by the landscaping industry for many years. With more grasses now becoming available for use in the home garden the choice of height, color and texture can satisfy almost any garden designer.

Not only used for mass planting, many varieties can be grown in small clumps in the border, some grow well in containers, others make excellent ground covers for shaded areas.

Some very popular grasses include the highly ornamental Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' or Japanese Temple Grass, a lovely clump forming species with soft foliage that looks great in a woodland setting or in a pot or container.

Many ornamental grasses are actually strap leafed plants. Mondo Grass in its many forms is very useful for border planting, for growing between pavers, or mass planting in a semi shaded area

Propagation is from seed or by division, watch out for grasses that seed seed easily, and also grasses that send out aggressive runners, these can quickly become an invasive weed, or at best a nuisance.

Ornamental grasses in garden design

Ornamental grasses can also be planted on wider a scale in large landscaping projects as well as being a useful plant for erosion control.

Ornamental Grass Qualities

When choosing the right grass for you application you do need to identify the characteristics and choose the the most suitable for your application, consider the following :

List of Ornamental grasses