Ornamental Allium Bulbs

Ornamental Allium Bulbs are a great addition to the garden. Easy to grow in a well drained sunny position, drought tolerant and with a range of flower forms and sizes.

Planting ornamental alliums

Ornamental alliums are easy to plant, use the rule of thumb that they should be around 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall. Bigger bulbs planted deeper than smaller ones. Always with alliums, plant them in a dry area, good drainage and sunny.

Remember that alliums are very good at self seeding, so either dead head them after flowering, or plant in an area where you are happy to let them go. As for watering, really not much need in our climate. Fertiliser, usually whatever the rest of the garden gets, alliums do not seem to be to fussy.

Can you grow ornamental alliums in containers or pots, yes as long as you provide good drainage.

Some of the best ornamental alliums include : Allium cernuum or (nodding allium), Allium hollandicum 'purple sensation', Allium cyaneum, Allium insubricum, Allium karataviense, Allium moly (golden flowering garlic) and Allium thunbergii.

Ornamental allium varieties