Indoor Plants

Indoor plants or plants for the house. Plants have been grown indoors for centuries, most house plants are used for decorative purposes and during the Victorian era popular hose or indoor plants included Clivia and Aspidistra.

Many indoor plants are species that will grow well in low light situations, and some are also low maintenance. However plants that will flower well indoors include types of Orchids, African Violets, Poinsettias and Hippeastum.

Is it possible to grow any plant indoors, well yes, but depending on conditions. We have seen Plumeria growing above the snow line in Switzerland (and flowering) however growing plants indoors can be easy or challenging depending on plant species and conditions.

Indoor plants or House Plants serve a number of purposes, many plants are used for decorative purposes, however indoor plants are also valuable as air cleaning plants.

Indoor plants like all plants have differing water requirements and some indoor plants require more light than others, some require more warmth, check with your retailer before purchasing.

Best Indoor Plants: