Adonis vernalis

Adonis vernalis plant in fowerAdonis vernalis a lovely small alpine plant and is the best known of a small but interesting genus, sometimes called ;sweet vernal'. An excellent plant form the rock garden, but more usually grown a specimen plant in a container. With the wonderful yellow flower it is sometimes called the 'Yellow Pheasants Eye'

A. annua, the red flowering A. aleppica and A. aestivalis are other members of the species.

Often called pheasant's eye or 'false hellebore' all species are regarded as being poisonous.

A. vernalis is used widely as an ornamental plant and does well in containers.

It is a real pity that this tiny treasure has been so heavily collected for homeopathic remedies, and has lost a lot of its natural environment.

Despite what you may read this plant can be grown from seeds, it takes time and patience, something many commercial nurseries do not have, so look for specialists and online suppliers.

Adonis vernalis care

Adonis all prefer a deep rich soil well drained soil in a semi shaded to open sunny position. Plant can from seeds best sown in a cold frame in late summer to autumn. Anonis vernalis can also propagated by division. Drainage in winter is essential, so container culture is a good alternative in the UK

Low growing and in the right conditions forming an attractive clump reaching around 8-10 inches, adonis are related to buttercups (Ranunculaceae) and in the UK some species have been almost naturalised.

Adonis Species include:


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