Carnation Flower

Carnation Plants

Grown for the colourful flowers and sweet fragrance carnation plants are popular both as cut flowers and in the garden border.

Specialist nurseries offer many varieties and strains for sale, including the late flowering Marguerite, long stemmed and spray carnations, perpetual and Malmaison, as well as border carnations and pinks.

How to grow Carnations

Carnations can be grown in the border or in containers and are actually fairly easy given the right conditions. The Perpetual, Spray and the wonderful fragrant, but difficult to find Malmaison types are often grown in containers and usually in a greenhouse. The Border types are the ones grown in the garden.

All carnations require a sunny position and a free draining humus rich soil, they also require protection from slugs and frost when young.



Propagating Carnations from Cuttings

In autumn it is time to take cuttings from carnations, pinks and dianthus which are all the same family. It is a fairly simple process and you can also take cuttings from the carnations that you buy at the florist


Carnation Flower Lemon whitePerpetual, Spray and Malmaison varieties

These are the ones usually grown in a greenhouse in the UK.

Usually grown from rooted cuttings purchased in January, try not to over pot when young, carnations like most plants resent over potting.

Carnation Plants are available for sale from the following nurseries and suppliers

NEWPORT MILLS NURSERY - Phone/fax 01823 490231
Wrantage, Taunton TA3 6DJ
Mail order nursery supplying. Elatum Hybrid English bred Delphiniums. English classic highly scented Perpetual Flowering Carnations. Old and modern scented Pinks. Free catalogue on request.