Calanthe Orchids

A hardy evergreen or deciduous orchids (depending on species) Calanthe Orchids are originally from asia. Calanthe discolor is one of the cold hardy species along with Calanthe siebolbii while calanthe argento-striata requires warmer, humid conditions.

Many hybrids of Calanthe discolor and Calanthe siebolbii are available. Calanthe tricarinata is known as the 'Monkey orchid', while Calanthe tsoongiana is sought after by collectors.


Calanthe are a hardy orchid, and showy fragrant flower spikes in a variety of colors. A warm shaded position is best, a shaded coolish hothouse or perhaps indoors.Try to water the pot, not the foliage.

Calanthe Orchid Species include:


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