Iris Ensata

Another iris that has had a name change is Iris ensata or the 'Japanese Iris' formerly known as I. kaempferi. What we broadly term as Japanese Iris are usually very old cultivars that has been grown in Japan for centuries rather than the species itself.

Japanese Water Iris have attractive flowers dramatically offset by sword-shaped foliage.

A beardless iris that were developed from Iris ensata they are originally from South Eastern Asia. So we have a range of flower colors from the wonderful white flowering iris ensata moonlight waves through to the large purple flowering iris ensata royal banner

These are an plant that will reach to around 80cm in height with strong upright stems.

Iris Ensata Care

Japanese Iris prefer a damp position and do well in soggy ground. They require sun a combination on lots of sun and water, a heavy, acid soil works well.

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Iris are a diverse genus or plants and with well over 300 different Iris species requirements for growing different iris species vary. Consult your local nursery or mail order supplier for specific instructions.