blue dutch iris flower

Dutch Iris

The Dutch Iris are a true bulb and easy to grow in the UK. Planted in clumps in the garden or in containers they require little care and the commonly grown blue and yellow varieties provide a magical lift to the border in spring to summer.

Planting Dutch Iris

As these are a true bulb they are a little easier to plant and establish than rhizomatous forms.

Planted in blocks of solid colour or in mixed groups they provide a little height in the border as well as making great cut flowers.

How to Grow Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris Varieties

Basically we are dealing with colours when it comes to varieties of Dutch Iris. They are all hybrids of Iris xiphium and the 'Spanish Iris' species they are sometimes called Iris ? hollandica as the true parentage is a little 'lost' in many cases.

So named cultivars such as the popular blue form 'Blue Star' the yellow 'Golden Harvest' and the purple 'Imperator' are all readily available. White varieties such as 'White Excelsior' are also for sale.

A deep blue plant with contrasting yellow markings on the falls 'Blue Magic' is very popular at present. If you like pink you could look for 'Rosario' while 'Eye of the Tiger' with its maroon falls and blue flags is an outstanding deeper coloured form.

Care Summary


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