Arisaema fargesii or 'Farges Cobra Lily'Arisaema fargesii

With large tripartite or 3 lobed leaves, Arisaema fargesii or 'Farges Cobra Lily', produces wonderful flowers with a purple and white striped hooded spathe, with a classic drooping tip.

However this is also one of the best Arisaemas for foliage as well. The large glossy leaves take a while to develop, in fact when they first germinate from seed they present with a simple leaf that is not divided at all, however as these plants mature the wonderful foliage does become tripartite.

Where to grow Arisaema fargesii

We are looking at a woodland setting for A. fargesii, humus rich soil, well drained and dappled shade. However they will grow well in containers as well. The growing medium does need to be kept cool and this is one of the problems with container plants.

This is an easy species to grow as most of the species with the large tripartite leaves tend to be. Plants will reach nearly 1m (36 inches) across with a height of around 70cm.

This is a species that easily multiplies from offsets. Mature bulbs that have flowered 2 - 3 times will have produced a number of offsets, usually already separated. Smaller offsets can be separated from the main bulb if desired.

We like to divide Arisaema bulbs in late winter, just before new growth commences, we find that they are less liable to suffer from rot or disease at this time, compared to those divided after flowering and on the way to dormancy.

Further information

The name A. fargesii is after Pere Farges a French botanist who discovered the species in the late 1800s. Although this is commonly called 'Farges Cobra Lily' it is actually a 'Jack in the Pulpit' type instead. This species is from the Arisaema Section, Franchetiana

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