Arisaema consanguineumArisaema consanguineum

Arisaema consanguineum is one of the easiest species to grow, a perennial bulb that is varied in form and growing habit. Stem colour varies from the usual snake skin pattern to green.

Leaf form and color also varies from green throughout to forms with silver and red centres. To add a little more variation to the species, some plants will appear 2 months earlier than others.

Leaf form is one of the main variations, one or two leaves each with 10 -15 long narrow leaflets, and as mentioned, some with silver or red centres, some with longer drooping tips than others.

So in general, Arisaema consanguineum will reach around 1m in height, the foliage is long and sometimes tipped.

The flower spathe is a purple brown with white to cream stripes. Flowers are followed by large green seeds heads which ripen to brilliant red. If left they can easily self seed, so remove seeds heads if this is a problem.

Arisaema consanguineum Care

Planting instructions
Dappled shade in the border or grow in a deep container, plant fairly deep 3 - 4 times the height of the bulb.

Care and growing hints.
A well drained soil rich in humus. Fertilize with a seaweed based liquid fertilizer during the growing season.

PropagationArisaema consanguineum Silver Leaf Form

Propagation is from seed, or by division of bulbs.

The bulbs form offsets which appear as knobby protrusions at first and over a few years grow to a size where they will break away.

Seed can be sown directly and usually germinates quickly. You may choose to sow it containers on a good mix and cover seeds with a fine grit.

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