Ivy Leaf GeraniumIvy Leaf Geranium

With clusters of flowers from spring through to autumn Ivy leaved geraniums have flowers ranging from white through to red. With a natural sprawling habit they are widely as a trailing plant, excellent in hanging baskets.

The scientific or botanical name is Pelargonium peltatum, however these geraniums have been heavily hybridised over the years.

A perennial that is grown both for the flowers and the foliage, the name comes from the ivy shape of the foliage.

Popular in hanging baskets, but also useful if left to trail over a low garden wall, or perhaps plant in a window box.

Available as single and double flowering varieties as well as low growing compact forms, and larger vigorous types.

Propagation is fairly easy as these plants will strike quickly, take a cutting place in a sharp potting mix and just keep pinching the flowers off until the plant looks strong and healthy.

Ivy leaved geranium Care

Growing well in a sunny position Ivy Leaf Geraniums actually require sun to flower properly, so look for 5 hours sun a day as a minimum. A little dappled shade in the afternoon is acceptable.

Protect from extreme cold and chilly winds, so in colder climates pots and baskets can be brought indoors over winter, as spring comes around get them outside.

Overwatering is a problem with this plants, leave to dry out a little before watering. We like to use a diluted liquid seaweed fertiliser as well as a slow release fertiliser.

Ivy leaved geranium Problems can include:


Pruning Ivy leaved geranium.

Ivy leafed geraniums can be pruned back to shape in spring

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