Zonal Geraniums

Zonal GeraniumA little confusion exists about Zonal Geraniums, are they a perennial or an annual. Well they are a perennial, however in cold climates, nurseries treat them as an annual. These are the plants with the circular band of colour in the leaves. The markings range from cream, to red, deep reddish almost black, yellow and even green.

With so many varieties and colourful cultivars Zonals are one of the most popular forms of geraniums available. They grow exceptionally well in pots, containers, baskets and window boxes and if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, they grow well outdoors as well.

Grown for the colourful foliage and brilliant flowers, a few pots of geraniums or a hanging basket or two on a patio can provide long lasting colour with little fuss.

When we say 'easy care' we do mean it, give them a tidy up through the season by removing spent flower stems and tatty foliage. Cut back by 30% in autumn and besides a little fertilizer, thats about it.

Coloured Leaf Zonals

Coloured Leaf Zonal GeraniumIf you are looking for a little leaf variation, then Zonal Geraniums can provide this as well.(see picture right) Dark foliage with rings and green variations as well, all available form specialist nurseries.


Zonal Geranium Problems can include:

Zonal Geranium Care

Like all Geraniums sun is important for Zonals, 5 - 6 hours sun a day. And similarly try to provide some protection from cold and chilly winds. Over winter indoors, and return to the outdoors in spring.

Do not over water, leave to dry out a little before watering. We like to use a diluted liquid seaweed fertiliser as well as a slow release fertiliser.

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