Tiger Lilies - Lilium lancifolium(syn. L. tigrinum)

Lilium lancifolium is the old fashioned orange tiger lily, and the tiger lily bit comes from the other bit of the botanical name (syn. L. tigrinum), and just to confuse things a little a yellow variety exists, and a double as well.

To confuse things more a number of 'other species' also have had the 'tiger lily' name attached. This is usually because of the way the petals reflex. The pink version of Lilium speciousum is also often referred to as a 'tiger lily'.

SO if you looking for orange 'tiger lilies' just like grandma used to grow, you are looking for Lilium lancifolium 'tigrinum'. Not the other ones. SO we can see why botanical names are important.

Other liliums that have the 'tiger lily' name (incorrectly) attached are

Care, Cultivation and growing conditions.

These are a tough Lily and are disease resistant, which sounds great, but other liliums are not so disease resistant, so 'Tiger Lilies' can be a bit of a 'disease carrier'.

A sunny position in a well drained humus rich moist soil is about all these tough lilliums need.