Geranium 'Rozanne'

G.himalayense x wallickiana is best know as Geranium 'Rozanne' , and it is one of the real treasures for the cottage garden. So how good is it ?

This is a Cranesbill type and it was perennial plant of the year in 2008, It has been plant of the month and now Geranium Rozanne ('Gerwat') is RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary. Best described as a mound forming perennial that dies back in winter in cooler climate, foliage is lightly marbled¬? with masses of purple to blue flowers over a long period

So why is this plant so good?¬?

However we think that perhaps its the violet blue flowers. And it is certainly the long flowering nature of this cultivar, it will flower almost non stop from spring to autumn, and performs best in areas with cool summers, so the hotter the summer, the more shade it will take.


This is the beauty of Geranium 'Rozanne', it is easy care, hardy tolerant of dry conditions although performing a little better in a humus rich moist soil and lots of flowers.

In cool climates Geranium 'Rozanne', will die back in winter, so a quick tidy up before spring is about all that is needed. Some slow release fertiliser in spring and a little pruning after the first flowers will keep this wonderful plant happy and healthy

Full shade is promoted in some articles, however we find that in full shade the plant struggles to flower as well and as it is naturally a taller growing vigorous plant it can become a little leggy.


Cut back in late summer to promote a healthy late flush of flowers, tidy up again in late autumn.


Landscaping uses

Use Geranium 'Rozanne' in the perennial border or cottage garden, excellent for planting beneath roses, try growing in a large container in a courtyard, left to flow over the edges or as a filler anywhere in the garden.

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