Freesia Bulbs and Flowers

Freesia bulbs with those wonderful fragrant flowers are grown as garden plants as well as being used as cut flowers. If you plant freesias at the right time you will find they are also suitable to grow in the garden as well as in pots.

The fragrant blooms being popular they are a wonderful addition to any garden. Freesia colors vary greatly and the perfume or fragrance of freesia flowers is an added attraction. Freesia bulbs are available to buy online or by post from mail order nurseries in the UK.


How to Grow Freesias

Early Spring or Autumn is the time to plant freesias and when planting these bulbs remember that they prefer a well drained humus rich soil, and can easily be grown in pots they also make great cut flowers with a pleasant fragrance.

When do you plant freesia bulbs ?

Generally the best time for these bulbs to be planted in mid to late autumn, between October and early December, plant pointy end up.

You can also plant them in early spring. Remember that they look best in groups or in mass plantings although a single bulb grown to perfection in a pot can also look great.

Freesia Care